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Fiscal Law

Fiscal Law

The Law Firm „SAVVA” provides consultancy on issues related to fiscal law with 

representation in state institutions including the national courts. 

 The provided services cover the following aspects: 

- Elaboration of legal opinions and consultancy on various fiscal issues, regarding fiscal 

incentives, fees, excises, and taxes applied to different categories of taxpayers. 

- Legal assistance provided to commercial companies in the field of fiscal payments in 

order to structure certain investment strategies. 

- Legal assistance and representation before the competent authorities in order to 

obtain the documents necessary for selling excisable goods, as well as elaboration of 

comprehensive studies on fees, excises, taxes and costs implied by such activities. 

- Legal assistance and representation in the legal procedures for contesting the minutes 

of inspection and taxation decisions and any documents issued by public authorities in 

the fiscal field. 

- Legal assistance and representation before courts in disputes concerning fiscal issues. 

- The legislative amendments in this area are very common, in this regard we provide 

consultancy services concerning fiscal law updates. The mentioned updating refers not 

only to the legal aspect, but also to an explanation of the amendments.