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Criminal cases

Criminal cases

The position of accused or victim is an unpleasant posture, the human rights and 

fundamental freedoms being affect. For this reason you need legal assistance from specialists 

to assume the defence of rights and freedoms and representation before courts. 

Within the Law Firm „SAVVA” you can find specialists that will guarantee defence when 

you are accused of the commission of any crime, as well as lawyers who will offer you legal 

assistance in formulating legal claims or accusations. This law firm provides a wide range of 

services in criminal matters: 

- Assistance of the person before criminal prosecution bodies; 

- Submission of claims and requests before the Prosecution bodies; 

- Provision of legal assistance (consulting) and services representing the interests of the 


- Insurance of the observation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the criminal 


- Assistance and defence of the person before national courts; 

- Representation of the interests of the person and defence of his/her rights before the 

European Court of Human Rights (request preparation, supervision of its evolution, 


The lawyers within the Law Firm „SAVVA” have a single objective: to observe the clients' 

rights and to satisfy their claims before criminal justice.