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According to Law no. 134 of 14 June 2007 on mediation, mediation is a way of solving 

conflicts amicably, with the aid of a third party specialized as a mediator, in conditions of 

neutrality, impartiality, confidentiality and with free consent of the parties. 

Mediation is based on the confidence of the parties in the mediator, as a person able 

to facilitate negotiations between them and support them to solve the conflict, by obtaining a 

mutually convenient, efficient and sustainable solution. 

The priority of the Law Firm „SAVVA” in the field of mediation is to solve your 

conflict and satisfy all the involved parties, while ensuring confidentiality, impartiality, and 


We carry out mediation procedures quickly and efficiently, and provide professional 

individual mediation. 

 As an example, the advantages of a successful mediation procedure compared to 

a court trial/dispute are: reduced costs of the mediation procedure, short duration of the 

mediation procedure, a result agreed by all parties, maintenance, and therefore improvement 

of (social) relations of the people involved in the conflict, full control of the parties over the 

procedure (parties set the meeting place, the frequency of meetings, participation of other 

persons in mediation, acceptance of a common mediator etc.), the possibility of a party to 

withdraw at any time without consequences on the mediation procedure, low stress/emotional 

level etc.