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Disputes and forced execution

Disputes and forced execution

The lawyers within the Law Firm „SAVVA” apply their experience acquired in time in 

order to identify creative solutions and advise the law firm’s clients on the best course of 

action, they represent the clients before national courts, as well as solve conflicts through the 

negotiation technique, directly or being assisted by a mediator, in order to satisfy the interests 

in a short time. 

The legal assistance and defence provided by the Law Firm „SAVVA” covers civil, 

criminal, fiscal, banking, administrative, commercial, intellectual property matters, etc.

The assumption of each case is followed by investigation, preparation of documentation 

and our involvement in the recovery of pecuniary interests that our clients are entitled to. We 

cooperate with experts, we are committed to proving damages, and we take testimonies and 

statements to be submitted in the case. We focus on reaching a mutual agreement as a phase 

preceding the debate of the case by a court. If mediation is not an option, we use all means in 

order to defend our clients' interests before the panel of judges. 

 The execution of judgments is inextricably related to dispute settlement. The Law 

Firm „SAVVA” provides assistance or representation services within forced execution. 

- Representation of the clients in conducting forced execution proceedings; 

- Participation with the legal executor in the execution of movable and immovable 


- Elaboration of forced execution documentation and execution appeals;