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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

The success of the commercial company depends on strategy, organization and 

implementation of the management plan. 

The Law Firm „SAVVA” provides legal assistance and representation to cover all needs of 


 The lawyers of the Law Firm „SAVVA” have the professional experience necessary for 

the implementation of the strategies related to:

- Creation of a commercial company; 

- Elaboration of the Articles of Association and their registration at the competent 


- Obtaining of the necessary authorisations for the creation and operation of the 

commercial company; 

- Amendment of the Articles of Association; 

- Provision of assistance in negotiations; 

- Assistance on competitive issues: abuse of dominant position, unfair competition; 

- Due diligence activity; 

- Consolidation, division and injection of capital; 

- Representation before courts in disputes arising between the company and other 

economic agents.