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Real Estate / Construction Law

Real Estate / Construction Law

An important area in which we are specialized is "Real Estate and Constructions". Real 

estate holds a prominent place in the investment environment, characterized by profit, which 

continues to attract investors in different areas. We have experience in assisting clients in 

real estate purchases and sales, so that any activity related to these goods will increase the 

income and capital. We are known for the innovation on innovative approaches to real estate 

transactions. We are familiar with the national and international financial mechanisms related to 

such transactions. 

 We provide comprehensive legal services for the construction industry, we are 

consistent, we provide consultancy in all phases of the investment project, as preparation and 

elaboration of documentation, organization of business meetings, purchase of land, negotiation 

of construction, pledge and mortgage contracts, adaptation to local laws and obtaining of 

the necessary authorizations and assistance in any issues that arise during the design or 

construction process.

- Negotiation and elaboration of sale-purchase, rental, lease, servitude, superficies 

contracts, transfer of the purchase, usufruct right, etc. 

- Registration formalities in the real estate register; 

- Elaboration of the preliminary sale-purchase contract; 

- Elaboration and submission of petitions and appeals: nullity of the sale-purchase 

contract for hidden vices or eviction, double sales, construction defects, rental, lease 


- Assistance and representation before public bodies and national courts; 

- Obtaining of cadastral documentation in relation to the Agency for Land Relations and 


- Elaboration and negotiation of construction work contracts having as object the 

constriction of shopping centres.