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Financial and Banking Law

Financial and Banking Law

The interaction with financial institutions requires an appropriate training and approach. 

Most often, a preliminary investigation and analysis in this field is necessary in order to make 

an investment and to establish a business partnership. Also, contracting a loan from a bank or 

other financial operations often are accompanied by multiple risks in case of ignorance of the 

law in the field. 

The services provided by the lawyers of the Law Firm „SAVVA” are oriented to facilitate 

and fulfil all financial and banking operations in a safe atmosphere, which involves minimizing 

any financial risks. 

 This law firm provides a wide range of services related to:

- Representation of individuals and legal entities in dealing with financial institutions and 

assistance in the field of banking risk management; 

- Representation in conciliation proceedings; 

- Due diligences, assistance in consolidations and acquisitions; 

- Assistance in the implementation of new laws in the field; 

- Externalization of the activities related to the approval of legal documentation associated 

with mortgage and real estate loans; 

- Insurance of the relationship with notary’s offices for related formalities; 

- Relevant consultancy in the field of banking and financial services.