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The professionalism, responsibility and attitude are considered the reference point for 

success for the Law Firm „SAVVA”. We have managed to assert and position ourselves 

firmly due to the confidence and courage we have shown in our activity.

The promotion and successful defence of rights, freedoms and legitimate interests did 

nothing but opened new opportunities for us to develop and strengthen our team. The activism 

and perseverance moved us forward and allowed us to discover the key to success in this 

area. Thus, in order to practice law, talent and intelligence are not enough, these values must 

be completed by highly qualified training, knowledge, experience, as well as by a continuous 

improvement of the acquired skills. These qualities can be developed only in a united team, 

open to collaboration, which wants to invest in the training of professionals. 

Admission to the profession of lawyer does not ensure a predetermined success, 

vocation hard work, training, and finally a personal recognition of the harmony between 

lifestyle and this profession are necessary. That is why the Law Firm „SAVVA” focuses on 

teamwork, collegiality and respect, because they allow the discovery of this compatibility and 

the successful integration in the legal profession. 

If you want to achieve your career aspirations, you are a dynamic person, you have an 

undisguised desire to learn continuously, you have a flexible thinking, please send us your CV 

and a cover letter.